It's All About Impact Book


It's All About Impact Book


“It’s All About Impact – The Winners of Over 100 Majors Prove It!” In this book Andrew Rice studies the swings of the top 25 golfers of the steel shaft era, separating modern day swing style from some all important substance. The book is available in hardcover and eBook format.

Here’s how to strike the ball like never before without completely revamping your swing!  Two simple, yet integral, moves that will have you hitting it like a legend.

You will discover how easy it is to:

  • Take care of the fundamentals

  • Get your body in position for a world-class impact

  • Take the correct divot (and plenty of them!)

  • Regain control of your golf ball

  • Create bite with your wedges

  • Control distance on your putts (yes, that too!)

  • Practice to actually get better

  • Review and analyze your swing just like the pros do

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