Now offering Pro TrackMan Days to NCAA coaches and their staff, club fitting operations, golf academies and regional and national PGA Sections. 

Thank you so much for sharing your time and expertise with us. We had a great day and I feel much more equipped to use the TrackMan technology effectively. You have an awesome way of teaching through stories and making things simple to understand..truly the gift of a Master!
— Christie Marten - Iowa State Women's Golf Coach



TrackMan Days

During my presentation I discuss all elements that influence ball flight, which data points make the difference to a golfer, the keys to optimization, deciding between functional and optimal, off center hits and the resultant gear effect along with my in depth research on wedges and the science behind the clubface to ball interaction. I also address ground pressure data, handpath and the Driver Project. My primary objective is to provide the group with the necessary tools to improve the golfers they deal with on a daily basis. I want to help them communicate in an instructional language that is rooted in old-school creativity and imagery, yet  is also guided by scientifically sound impact and swing knowledge.

TrackMan Pro Day entails a minimum of 8 hours of presentation/discussion time, a PDF of the PowerPoint presentation, along with live TrackMan data interpretation and shot analysis for a multitude of different shots and situations. (Indoors or out)

The cost for a TrackMan Pro Day is $2500 per day plus all travel expenses. When travelling internationally an additional one day fee will be incurred due to travel. For more details please contact Andrew at or at (843)247-4688.


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You were simply awesome and the feedback has been terrific; easily the best one we’ve had. You are a “natural” on the stage and in front of the group.
— Nick Papadakes - Old Elm Club