Chipping: One Method & Three Clubs

Basic Address Position

Golfers love to chip with their favorite club. Regardless of what the shot or situation calls for the majority of golfers are going to use their 'go to' club.  That is fine if you are a genius around the greens and have the talent and touch to create any shot with that one club, but I am sorry to say that there are very few golfers who can hit those shots and you are more than likely not one of them. There is an easier way.

May I propose a simple philosophy whereby you use one method (easy!) and simply get accustomed to applying that one method to one of three (not too bad!) clubs around the greens.....

The clubs are as follows:

  • 7 or 8 iron:  This club produces ashot that flies 1/3 of the total distance in the air and rolls the other 2/3 along the ground like a putt.   Use this option if you are close to the edge of the green and there is lots of green between you and the pin.  Most of the total distance is covered along the ground.
  • PW:  This club will cause the ball to fly 1/2 the total distance and roll the rest.  This is a good club to get comfortable with, because it will be used in most situations around the green.
  • SW:  Here the club causes the ball to fly 2/3 of the distance and to bounce and roll out for only the remaining 1/3 of the shot.  This is the go to club if the pin is cut close to the edge of the green and you need the ball to stop quickly. Most of the total distance is covered in the air.

Alignment & Distance from the Ball

Adopt the same basic set up and stance for each shot; feet narrow; ball centered; and the weight slightly favoring the front foot.  A good practice drill to get a feel for how the ball reacts once it lands with each club is the following:

Towel/Chipping Drill

All that is required is a small towel, your three chipping clubs and a few balls. Start by trying to land five 8 irons on the towel, paying attention to how they run out. Then hit five pitching wedges and follow that with five sand wedges. Each club should progressively cause the ball to roll less than the previous one and you will see how important it is to control the roll or release of the shot once it lands on the ground.

I hope this helps and thanks for reading.