Hip Slide: Good or Bad?

Ben Hogan's Hip Slide
Ben Hogan's Hip Slide

The hip slide, weight shift, hip drive or whatever you want to call it is one of the most important, yet overlooked elements in the golf swing. Golfers have become so brainwashed against any form of lateral movement that I believe the vast majority of us are trying to stay as quiet and centered as we possibly can.

Here are a few interesting points about hip action:

  • The downswing does not mirror the backswing. There should be no lateral hip motion in the back swing, while the downswing should have a measure of shift towards the target.
  • The weight shift to the front foot is entirely attributable to the hips gliding towards the target in the downswing. The head and upper body must remain over or slightly behind the ball as the hips shift, thus creating what I call body curve.
  • Remember that hip action incorporates either lateral motion or rotation (for all intents and purposes).  The downswing is initiated by lateral motion over to the front foot and then followed by rotation.  This is important sequencing here.
  • Hip slide creates the room necessary in the downswing for the arms and club to drop to the inside.  Too much spin or rotation from the top and you can only come over the top.
The Hip Slide
The Hip Slide

This video from my YouTube channel presents an excellent case as to why the hip slide in the downswing is vital to a proper path and attack angle into the golf ball.

Particularly if you slice or fade the golf ball, drive the weight onto the front foot to initiate the downswing. This really is the best, and only, slide to have.

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