The Proper Putting Grip and Set-Up

Tiger Woods at Address I see far too many golfers that set-up poorly to their putters. This is something that is quite easy to improve and in this article I will isolate a few important keys to help you improve your set-up when putting and ultimately reduce the numbers of putts you take on the golf course. Remember that a good stroke is first built by having a solid setup.

Putting priorities: (view the complete video lesson HERE)

  • The putter shaft should be an extension of the forearms. To do this the club must be gripped substantially more in the palm of the hands than it would be with an iron. The picture below illustrates how the grip of the club should run along the lifeline at the base of the palm of the hand.

Putter is gripped in the Lifeline

  • The elbows and upper portions of the arms should be "linked" to the rib cage to minimize independent motion in the arms. The picture below shows how to position your arms prior to gripping the club. The elbows are rotated inward to the hip joints and the forearms are held parallel to the ground.
  • The Set-Up Drill

    • Once you are in this position you can now grip the club as shown above, making sure that the shaft is also held parallel to the ground.

    The Shaft Matches the Forearms

    •  From the above position simply bend/tilt down from the hip joints until the putter reaches the ground. Make sure that as you tilt forward that you do not straighten your arms out - be sure to maintain the flex in the arms that you established during the set-up drill. If your putter does not reach the ground you can flex your kness a little or your club is too short for you. I am 6'1" 5'11" and I use a 36 inch putter. This helps me to keep my elbows in to my side during the stroke.

    The Completed Set-Up

    • Once you are set-up properly you should notice that the upper arms are linked to your sides, the club is in the palm (this might cause you to feel as if your wrists are raised at address), the shaft is an extension of your forearms and your eyes are just slightly inside the ball (over the heel of the putter).

    View the complete video lesson HERE (there is a little choke though!)

    And then its off to practice....

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