Matt Kuchar and The Wedge Project

In this video Matt Kuchar shares with Holly Sonders and the viewers how he practices the shortgame along with a few of his keys when it comes to hitting those great little wedge shots and pitches around the greens.

The thing that struck me about his approach was the similarity between what he does and what I advocated in the Wedge Project. When pitching he stresses:

  • A shallow angle of attack with little to no divot
  • Getting the sole of the club to "land like a plane on a runway" as it comes in contact with the ground
  • Trying to hit these shots with low, draws in order to improve control

Now if you've watched the Wedge Project you've already noticed the similarities between what Matt shared and I spoke about. I just thought it was uncanny how similar his method is to the methodology put forth in the Wedge Project. Honored!

If you'd like to learn more about how to pitch it like Matt Kuchar (and many of the best on the PGA Tour) check THIS out.