The Complete Impact Collection - 4 DVD Box Set

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I am so excited to share this collection with you. Filmed in conjunction with Revolution Golf this set will share most of what I believe to be important in playing great golf. The collection includes some of the finest slo-mo Phantom camera footage you will see. It's amazing how the "lights come on" for so many golfers when they see what happens in slow motion.

The set includes a new and upgraded version of the Wedge Project, the all new Driver Project, the Impact Project which is a take on my book from 2009 "It's All About Impact" and the Practice Project. Almost three hours of drills, simple explanation, brilliant slo-mo shots and crystal clear HD footage.

The Complete Impact Collection will help you become a better ball-striker, hit longer tee shots, be more efficient when you practice and gain a deeper understanding of your game. Isn't that what you've been searching for?

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