Stop Slicing Today!

For slicers the challenge has always been that their misses are to the right and as a result they instinctively swing to the left.  You need to swing at the 'demons' in right field in order to slay them!

This is a fantastic video from Joseph Mayo (@TrackManMaestro) on how to lose the banana ball for good.  His five main keys are as follows: (for right handers)

  • Align your entire body slightly to the right of your target - shoulders, hips, knees and feet. This will encourage you to make a swing that is more rightward relative to the target than the one you currently employ.
  • At address keep the hands in front of the face.  The shaft should lean towards the target slightly.
  • Have the weight feel like it is on your lead/front foot through out the swing. Driving the hips, and thus the weight, on to the front foot decreases spinning out - and trust me, you're working the spin move.
  • Through impact feel the handle moving up and out.  Swing to the right of your target.
  • Extend the arms through impact and into the follow through.  This can be done more easily by feeling the elbows staying close together through the hit.

Now go out there and practice - it's lovely out!