Augusta National 2011

Today I had the privilege of playing every golfer's dream course  - Augusta National. While I did not play as well as I would have liked as you can tell from the pictures it was a beautiful day and who can complain when you're on God's gift to golf!

The course seems to be weathering the cold winter well and there are a few new, yet subtle changes. In addition to the new practice grounds from last year, the 11th and 17th greens have been resurfaced.

Take a look at the ALBUM I created and enjoy. As you well know it is a special place!

Here are pictures of Augusta under a blanket of snow in 2010 and here are my pictures from earlier in 2010.

Masters Week 2010 Edition

Augusta National

The week that every golfer anticipates from all the way back in November is finally here - Masters Week 2010! I would like this to be a one-stop shop for all things pertaining to Augusta National and the Masters and as a result I have tracked any and all pertinent information down and linked it to the site. Enjoy!


Augusta 15th Hole Aerial (Sports Illustrated)

The "New" Tiger?

The English are coming..... (How/Getty)

Augusta National in Winter

This week also happens to mark the one year anniversary of! In our first year we have had almost 40,000 visitors and continue to grow. Thanks so much for your support and readership and I can promise another year of even better and more insightful content.

BTW - my picks for this week are Phil and the Goose! Yours?

Enjoy the tournament.