How to Hit High & Spinning Sand Shots

This shot is an invaluable tool for all golfers. We all need the high, spinner out of a bunker every now and then don't we...? This one really works and is so simple to execute you simply must give it a try.

Here are the keys to remember:

  • Set up with the weight favoring the front foot about 70/30
  • The ball should also be well forward in your stance
  • The most important part is to keep your shoulders parallel to the sand - this will most often feel like your lead shoulder is lower than it has been in the past. Keeping the shoulders LEVEL is huge
  • With the shoulders being level the hands will actually be slightly behind the ball and the face set to open
  • Pick out a spot 2-3 inches behind the ball and stay aggressive - remember this ball's going up!

Now get out there and practice....and that's it really. Could it get any more simple?