Masters 2012 News and Notes

Here are a few newsworthy items to help you get prepared for the week that lies ahead:

Here are the Pairings

I'm looking forward to tracking the following groups:

Immelman/Fowler/Rose - a few guy who might do something...

Kuchar/Ogilvy/Yang - a real "sleeper" group here

Toms/Choi/Garcia - one of these guys will be in the mix

Cabrera/McIlroy/B. Watson - the winner perhaps...

This is what Charl Schwartzel had the Augusta National serve at the Champion's Dinner:

A few real traditional South African menu items! Biltong is akin to American beef jerky and "Monkey Gland Sauce" is primarily tomatoes and onions and you'll be pleased to know has nothing to do with primates or their glands.

Heard the story about the guy whose dog ate his Masters tickets? Well it's true - read on...

The weather seems to be as much of the story this week as any particular topic. Each of the last two nights have seen strong thunderstorms move through the area and the par 3 Event has just been cancelled due to another storm moving into the area.

Based on that information the Sub-Air System installed under all the greens will be working overtime to create optimal air/water ratios in the turf. The vacuum system can actually remove excess moisture from the putting surface through the soil profile to quickly firm and speed up the greens.

As far as I can tell this might be the best way to get a golf course in major championship condition after an overnight storm - quickly! Most of the people in this picture are volunteer superintendents and are not employees of the club.

Enjoy the golf and be sure to follow me on Twitter or Facebook for late breaking news and notes from Augusta! Enjoy the golf....