The Impact-Driven Golf Swing

There are many ways to swing a golf club, but only one way to hit a golf ball correctly. The whole idea behind my philosophy is the above statement. When looking at the top players of all time, there are no two golfers that swing the club the same way, however they all manage to impact and strike the ball in a similar fashion. How is it possible that Lee Trevino, Ray Floyd and Nancy Lopez can make the ball get to the target the same way that Ben Hogan, Nick Faldo and Tiger Woods do? The only answer can be impact. A position where the weight is well on the front foot, the handle leads the clubhead into the ball (with irons) while the head remains over or slightly behind the ball.

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What a Pretty Golf Swing You Have!

I find it interesting that there are so many instructors and golfers who are striving for what merely amounts to a good looking, pretty swing. Learn to impact the ball correctly, and it will go straighter and further more frequently--something every golfer wants in their golf game. I spoke with Ian Woosnam on the phone the other day for about 15 minutes discussing the importance of getting the club on the back of the ball correctly ( a long way to say: impact!) and here is what he had to say:

“Even as a youngster I focused on the strike. In fact I would go down to the beach and practice hitting the ball first and the ground second."

This is a quote from Conrad Ray, the Stanford University Golf Coach and one of the few people to ever win an NCAA Team title as a player and a coach:

"Understanding that the most important detail is "how the ball flies" not "how your swing looks" is essential at the collegiate level and for all golfers. Impact is the determining factor...." In looking at the three swings above notice how the club, arms and lower bodies are all in completely different positions. Why then are we all chasing our own tails by trying to get our swings to fit into this text-book "perfect" picture?

Forget form in the name of function; put substance over style; and start hitting the golf ball like never before!

I really do believe that “It’s All About Impact” is a book that will teach you how to strike the ball like never before without completely revamping your swing. Keep what you have, just make it work better.

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