Swaying in the Golf Swing

I have come to learn that golfers mean different things when they talk about a sway in the golf swing, but they can really only mean one of two options: a lateral slide or shift with the upper body, or the same move with the mid-section or lower body in the backswing. Both flaws will prove to be detrimental to quality golf shots.In studying greatest golfers in the game, it became quite clear that there are many different ways to position the arms and club face throughout the swing, but almost every great player pivots the body to the top in a similar fashion. The great news is: the better the body position, the better the arms and club face position. I have often seen a frustrated student, striving for the perfect plane or look to their swing, suddenly have tremendous success simply by improving their body motion.

Here are examples of the two most common errors in pivoting the body and interestingly, both mistakes involve lateral movement:

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