It's All About Impact - The Book

The Cover Shot It has been a long road, but "It's All About Impact" is finally with the editor and should be ready to go to the printer in 30 days if all goes according to plan.  Cindy Whitman, my editor has encouraged me to take a look at my writing and after she is finished tweaking and "grading" my work this book will be something that every golfer needs to have - a book that is completely true to it's name, a book that really is all about impact!


This book has been written to show all golfers' what style elements they can do without and what functional elements are integral to soundly struck golf shots.  What is pretty and what works?  Forget about form and focus all your attention on two simple keys that make all the difference in the world.  The same two keys that every great golfer has had in their golf swing - no matter how different their swings might look!  This book is about ball compression; trapping the ball; squeezing the ball off the turf; ball striking and really not much else!  Yet it will help your iron play, driving, pitching, chipping, sand shots and even putting because the strike and impact is what great golf is all about.  If you can hit the ball correctly, it will go straighter and further, more consistently and I haven't met a golfer who does not want that in their golf game.

Do you know what makes up a correct impact position?  The same position Padraig Harrington has been working to improve all year.  Do you know what the primary factors that influence impact are?  After reading this book you will have a clear picture and understanding of what is required to hit the ball like some of golf's all-time greats.

  "It's All About Impact - The Winners of Over 100 Majors Prove It" will be available as a presale at this website on September 30th, 2009.  All readers who purchase their copy as a presale will receive a signed edition and have their shipping charges (within the USA) covered.


 If you do not have enough time to work on your game; if you are overwhelmed by the amount of technical information about the golf swing; if you regard yourself as a feel player; if you have taken a golf lesson and only regressed and yet you still want to get better then this book has been written on your behalf.

The book will be released online in November 2009.


 PGA Notes:
  •  While Tiger is very good for golf I thought it was fantastic to see Y.E. Yang take him down yesterday (in a major and while playing with him!). What a gutsy display!  Congratulations to Y.E., his coach and my former teaching associate, Brian Mogg and all of South Korea!
  • I believe the win at Hazeltine will be worth $25 million to Yang!  As the first Asian born golfer to win a major it certainly has the potential to be the most lucrative golf tournament ever won.
  • Lee Westwood was the bridesmaid of 2009, similar to what Ernie Els experienced in 2000.  I do believe the nine logos he wears above the waist might pay him enough to get over the agony.
  • If only the "Big Uneasy" (Ernie Els) could have made a putt this year. He very well might have won two majors.....
  • I still believe that Tiger Woods is a strong-minded, modern day version of Seve Ballesteros.
  • What's the over/ under on days until Hank Haney is shown the door? I do not think he'll see the light of 2010.

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