Swing Self-Analysis for Golfers

Face On Camera Angle

There is so much in the form of technology available to golfers today that you would be missing out if you did not take advantage of the benefits that can be gained from its proper use.  And I do emphasize proper!
Should you have the desire to record and analyze your own swing here are a few important  items you will need:
  • You do not need an expensive or HD video camera.  Anything with a shutterspeed of 1/1000th of a  second or higher should work nicely.  The camera I use every day runs $200!  Flip Video makes a functional and fun camera.
  • A tripod is a must have!  And no, your golf bag is not a tripod! There are several small and lightweight tripods available that fit in a golf bag comfortably.  A tripod is important as it presents a steady image - any movement of the camera will render lines or reference points drawn on the screen useless.
  • A good swing analysis software program is a must and I have found none better than the V1 Home system.  It allows you to compare swings side by side, draw lines (with angles!) and just about anything you could hope to do while viewing your swing.  Purchase and install this software on your computer and get to work!


Once you have the above items you are just about ready to begin.  When analyzing your swing it is very important that you establish a few rules and guidelines:

  • Never over use your new technology! Remember you want to shoot lower scores, not make prettier swings.  Although the two might work hand in hand to a certain degree, never allow the look of your swing to take precedence over the function of your swing Only evaluate and analyze once a month.
  • Make sure that your camera and tripod are placed in the same position every time.  Subtle changes here can result in large changes in the appearance of your swing.  Make sure that the tripod is positioned in the same fashion as the two photgraphs used in this post.
  • It is very important for the 'down the line position' to be consistent.  Try to position the camera between the toes and the ball.  A little practice and you'll have it down!

Down the Line Camera Position is Key

Get the correct equipment, record and analyze on a monthly basis, obey the guidelines you set out for yourself, and don't try to be perfect - just better!

Things to Ponder:

  • Is anybody overly excited about golf making it to the Olympics?  Ho hum...
  • I find it interesting that the top three finishers from Firestone, Woods, Harrington and Allenby are the top three players after round one of the PGA.  Supports the saying that golfers make 80% of their money in 20% of their events!
  • When will architects learn that you do not make a course (Hazeltine?) better by making it longer?  How about a little creativity? Anyone seen the 16th hole this week?
  • I am not a fan of the way Tiger is playing his golf at the moment.  Greg Norman and Nick Faldo played golf the way it was supposed to be played.  Tiger seems to overpower the course and by blasting the ball everywhere, getting it up and down and making putts he continues to win.  Almost like a modern Seve Ballesteros!  Successful but not proper.
  • Is John Daly up to his old tricks again?  I noted a WD next to his name yesterday.  Maybe it was just that recurring rib injury he suffered when someone took a picture of him in his backswing........?
  • I look for Tiger to continue to lead after round two (71) and for Phil to close the gap with a 67 of his own in the morning......

Thanks for reading and enjoy the PGA.