I Love These Golf Videos

Here is a collection of my favorite golf videos from the year. They all effected me in one way or another. This first video reminded me what a a great game we all pursue - it appeals to all people, of all abilities, in all corners of the globe. This swing is for real believe it or not and shows what lengths a golfer will go to in order to keep the ball in the fairway....

The next two videos have made more of a difference to my game than any video ever has. For the past few years I have been a horrible driver of the ball and the information contained in these two clips made all the difference for me - I now hit the ball higher, longer and straighter than I have in a long time. Of course TrackMan had a fair bit to do with quantifying the changes I needed to make. I hope they have the same effect on your game...

These next three videos are inspirational - they show what can be achieved with creativity and imagination. This is how golfers learn to hit amazing golf shots - they dream them up first! Enjoy...(BTW watch for Alexander Noren to start featuring on the European Tour in 2012)

The final video is a tribute to my favorite golfer of all time - the great Severiano Ballesteros. This year we lost a golfing legend way too early in his young life. I will always remeber his passion, competitive spirit and the cavalier manner in which he played the game. RIP Seve....

Dear Seve....


I miss you.  I miss the way you played golf the "incorrect" way, yet managed to make it so exciting and seem so right.  The game of golf is worse off without you and it does not appear that there is currently anybody to take your place.

 I remember crying when you three putted the 10th green in the playoff for the 1987 Masters against Mize and Norman.  I remember watching you do your now famous fist pump when you defeated Tom Watson in the Open Championship at St. Andrews in 1984.

I remember watching you when I was just a boy shoot 31 on the back nine at Gary Player CC all while hitting only one fairway.  I remember the sound of the one-iron you hit on the 18th hole that day and rushing out onto the tee box to collect your discarded tee.

Seve, I know you will always love the Open Championship because it allowed you to play golf your way.  You were given the opportunity to recover, to hit amazing shots from seemingly nowhere, and that's why you thrived there.  The only thing I would have enjoyed more than watching Tom Watson this year (2009), would have been rooting for you down the stretch at Turnberry.

I don't think you would enjoy playing the new Augusta National.  It requires the same rigid style of golf that is a requirement for success at the US Open and PGA.  In the quest for difficulty they have managed to remove a certain element of excitement - particularly from the back nine on Sunday.


 The game of golf is just not the same without you.  It has become a little boring actually.  There is this new guy, Tiger Woods.  He too has taken much of the excitement out of the game, simply because he wins so often that it has become predictable and, well, boring.  You see, when you played, there was nothing predictable.  I never knew if you were going to find the hole you were playing never mind win the tournament, and that is what made you so exciting to follow.

You have done so much for golf throughout the world - one might even say you are the "Arnold Palmer" of Europe.  Your swashbuckling style and flair launched a thousand careers.  The game has seen multiple young Spanish stars rise from what you started.  Spain has even become a golf destination because of your passion and love for this great game.

1980 Augusta National

Seve, the game misses you. Golfers all over the world wish you well in your latest battle.  And we thank you for what you have done for our game. Gracias Senor.