Free "It's All About Impact" Golf Seminar

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On Monday, April 19th I will be offering a free Golf Seminar to anybody who has purchased or purchases "It's All About Impact" - my recent golf instruction book.  The seminar will take place at the Learning Center at Berkeley Hall in Bluffton, SC from 10AM-12PM.

For the cost of a book you get a two hour seminar included? That is correct!

Topics that will be covered include:

  • The 84 degree secret and why it matters
  • The correct shoulder pivot
  • Fundamentals for the Impact Driven golf swing
  • Impact Position basics
  • Take home exercises and drills for long game and short game

Phil Mickelson and the 84 Degree Secret

As an added incentive to attend, and of course purchase the book, all attendees who purchase additional books will receive a voucher for a $75 golf lesson (one hour) with Andrew Rice - that is 50% off the regular rate of $150!

In order to purchase your copy to ensure your place in this insightful golf seminar please go to and make your purchase today. If you have already purchased the book and plan on attending please let me know by emailing me at

Please be sure to bring your copy of "It's All About Impact" to the seminar so I can personalize it for you. I hope to see you all next Monday and "GET YOUR PLAID ON" this week!

Staying Centered over the Ball

This is one of the most integral elements of the golf swing - the upper body must stay centered over the ball. By doing so, you will increase your ability to get that weight on the front foot at impact and deliver a downward, compressing blow to the back of the ball.

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The Shoulder Pivot

One thing I have been seeing in my lessons recently has been a tendency for golfers to rotate their shoulders on a flat plane (like a merry-go-round!). This is, I believe, in an effort to extract as much turn as possible from the backswing. By doing this you create a situation where the arms are too wide (stretched), the upper body is 'pulled' off the ball by the turning of the shoulders (the lead shoulder runs into the side of the jaw) and due to the flat pivot action the right forearm is visible below the left when the left arm reaches parallel (for right-handers) - all elements that none of the top golfers employ in their swings. Here is an excellent drill that will provide you with the appropriate feel for a correct shoulder pivot:

The Set Up for the Shoulder Pivot DrillThis drill is designed to help convey the feel of getting your body into the correct position at the top of your swing. Assume your address as if you are preparing to hit a 7 iron. (It is best executed

with a ball in position.) Place an iron across the tops of your shoulders and cross your arms to support. Be sure to have the grip end off your lead shoulder and the clubhead flat against the opposite shoulder. During the pivot action of your swing, try to get the butt of the club to point at -- or slightly above -- the ball. Feel how the lead shoulder moves down as the shoulders wind into the backswing. This drill will also illustrate how the lower body needs to free up in order for the shoulders to pivot on a steeper plane. Sure, this drill is slightly overdone, yet it is rare for someone to get the shoulders to pivot on a plane that is too steep. As you do this drill try to feel how the shoulders are now tilting more like a ferris wheel than the flat, merry-go-round plane from before.

The "Top" of the Shoulder Pivot Drill There are so many benefits to having the shoulders pivot correctly. Here are a few nice side effects:

- If your swing tends to get too long, the steeper pivot actually creates more tension in the backswing and this will serve to tighten/shorten the backswing.

- Due to improved shoulder action, the upper body is now more inclined to stay centered, positioning you properly for a sound impact.

- If you have a difficult time taking the correct divot, a steeper shoulder turn will enable you to be in a position where you are now able to deliver a more descending blow to the back of the ball.

Try this simple standby drill - I beleive it will help you to make better contact more often. Ball first, divot second!

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The Shoulder Pivot

An important factor in getting the body into position for a great impact is the manner in which the shoulders pivot. Far too many golfers are trying to turn too much and get their lead shoulder behind the ball.

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The Shoulder Pivot (Part 3 of a Four Part Series)

The ProperShoulder Pivot
The Proper Shoulder Pivot

I often hear golfers speaking about 'turn' and getting their lead shoulder 'behind' the ball.  In my opinion these thoughts very often cause a golfer to pivot the body incorrectly; thus making it difficult to get into a sound impact position.

In my research conducted on the top golfers of all time one of the few factors that was consistent to each of them was the manner in which they wound/pivoted their shoulders.
As the picture illustrates, at halfway through the backswing the right forearm is always above the left forearm (speaking as a right hander).  This forearm position indicates that the lead shoulder is traveling down and the back shoulder is, conversely, working up.  When executed correctly this move will give the golfer a sense of torque building up in the body, without a great deal of length to the swing.  A correct shoulder pivot also deters the upper body from any unnecessary lateral movement.
As an exercise, place a club across the front of your shoulders with the grip pointing toward the target.  Positon a ball where it would normally be and assume your normal posture.  As you pivot into the backswing try to get the grip of the club to point at the ball.  While this gets the shoulders a little too steep it will serve you well in conveying the sense required to get the shoulders to work correctly.
This is one of the very few elements that top golfers have in common.
Shouldn't you have it in your swing?
Things to ponder:
  • Is Charles Howell really that bad with the putter?
  • Boo Weekley will win the Players Championship!
  • Jerry Kelly pulled an Angel - he vanished for most of the final round and then slipped back in the back door. Well done!
  • How does Sabbatini play the way he does with that move of his?
  • I played Callawassie Island for the first time yesterday and  would highly recommend it to anybody in the area!